Review – Peril, Passion, Peru

“Peril, Passion, Peru”

By Eve Dew Crook

Wild Rose Press

303 pages

In her second novel, local author Eve Dew Crook once again uses her masterful skills with dialog to grip the reader and keep the romantic suspense sizzling.

Jill Flanders stares at the rain pelting the windows of her Manhattan office building. Her mood matches the gloom of the weather. Without the signature of her two-timing spouse on their final divorce papers, Jill can’t move on. Frank, her archaeologist husband, is on another dig — this time in Peru. Likely he’s “uncovering” more than ancient Moche pots.

The fax machine interrupts her reverie and Jill is startled to read a notice from the dig’s team leader informing her of Frank’s prolonged absence from the site. Artifacts have also gone missing. Is Frank a thief? Has he been kidnapped? Or is he just lying low with his latest curvaceous conquest?

Jill wants answers. Believing her fluency in Spanish could be of help to the police, she makes arrangements to fly to Lima. What she’s not prepared for is Dex Conroy, the handsome ceramics specialist sent to retrieve her at the airport and assist in the search. Dex brings to the surface a lust in Jill she’d thought buried long ago; but her husband must be found, and her emotions kept in check. Someone, however, does not want Frank discovered; and when Jill’s life is threatened and Dex rushes to her aid, her feelings for him can no longer be denied.

This book of provocative prose won’t disappoint, and it just might have you unearthing that filmy negligee abandoned at the bottom of your pajama drawer. — Bonnie Papenfuss, Green Valley News

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