Eve Dew Crook

How I Chose My Titles

I’ve published four books for The Wild Rose Press, mostly romantic suspense, and had fun with the titles on all of them. My first, TAKING THE TUMBLE, was fun because of the different meanings for Tumble, both as “falling for you” and as “taking the fall.” Before final acceptance, my editor suggested building up the villain a bit more. Once I got into the mindset, it was fun to do, and in the process I wrote a poem in six limericks, called “A Writer’s Plight.” It’s on my website along with other limericks I love to write.

My second, PERIL, PASSION, PERU, had a wonderful moment for me. I described a scene that included the husband treating himself to an expensive briefcase, without really knowing why. Imagine my amazement as I got near the end of the story to find out the briefcase turned into a key element in the plot! A lot of writing is intuitive. The title was chosen for the alliteration–all those “P”s!

I did a quick switch for my third book, SEX, LOVE, & THE SPACETIME PINCH, a sexy sci-fi adventure under the pen name of Vee Bentley. The concept of pinching spacetime was used to get my characters to a fascinating new planet. Guilt-free shenanigans there.

My current book, under my own name once more, is part of a series of books by different authors, all taking place in or about a historic inn in Vermont, the Deerbourne Inn. The title, A BEAN, A PEA, AND A MAMMOTH TUSK, is a teaser for a sweet romance between a rookie sheriff’s deputy and a middle school principal. The bean and pea are part of a Twelfth Night celebration, while the mammoth tusk is unearthed in a nearby forest and causes enough commotion to warrant the hiring of another deputy. The two events tie up in the lovely inn.

Writing for a series has both Pleasures and Pitfalls. I loved mixing the characters and am using some in my next book. A pitfall of mine was having a character arrive via the covered bridge while the airport was in the other direction. Happily, my editor caught that one.



Now In Audio

It’s been great fun getting Sex, Love, & the Spacetime Pinch out in an audio version. Listening to books has become a favorite activity. I began on a long cross-country drive and found it eased the boredom…and was delighted to learn my leg no longer cramped after a long stretch on the pedal! I took up listening next when I walked my daily exercise. Suddenly, rather than having to drag myself from the computer, I was eager to get out and discover what happened next in the story. I also found listening to old favorites in their audio versions wonderfully relaxing for unwinding at bedtime.

Hearing one of my own creations read aloud by another person is a strange experience, both anxious and pleasurable. All at once I began “seeing” my book from a reader’s eyes.  The perception is an eye-opener. I’m anticipating the pleasure of listening to one of my romantic suspense novels the next time.



What if the future did not have to be dystopian? What if, instead, men and women moved toward a utopia of closeness, understanding, empathy on physical, intellectual, and spiritual levels? What if, instead of the ephemeral victory of conquest, males and females strove for bliss, for mutual pleasure, for happiness that sprang from a sense of belonging? What if allowing love in led to a more productive world of learning, of seeking the riddles of the universe not through superstition but through intelligence? What if anger, fear, insecurity, and guilt were traded in for confidence, sexual satisfaction, invigorated minds and hearts eager to pursue the twin goals of enjoyment and enlightenment?

Nacre was named for the luminescence within a pearl. What if the planet were real???”


Meet The Authors


I took part in the Meet the Local Authors event at the Joyner-Green Valley Library Jan. 13, only days after a car crashed into the building and knocked out the large meeting room. No one was hurt, and some hardy souls showed up to enjoy the library’s resources. Here’s my picture in front of my table, displaying TAKING THE TUMBLE and PERIL, PASSION, PERU.

Holiday South of the Border


Christmas in the southern hemisphere is not one for singing “White Christmas.” Jill, in Peril, Passion, Peru, imagines Santa in an old-fashioned two-piece red and white striped bathing suit, the top pulling up as he slides down the chimney, exposing his belly button that glows like Rudolph’s nose. I was home with family on Christmas day but flew to Peru on the 26th (my birthday) and was there for New Year’s Eve and lots of confetti drifting down at midnight to sprinkle Lima’s streets. I was up early the next morning. Not many people were on the streets, but there were lots of policemen, and I greeted all I passed with “Feliz año Nuevo.” Everyone smiled back and repeated the greeting, so I’ll pass it along here to friends and fans. Feliz año Nuevo and Happy New Year!

Review – Peril, Passion, Peru

“Peril, Passion, Peru”

By Eve Dew Crook

Wild Rose Press

303 pages

In her second novel, local author Eve Dew Crook once again uses her masterful skills with dialog to grip the reader and keep the romantic suspense sizzling.

Jill Flanders stares at the rain pelting the windows of her Manhattan office building. Her mood matches the gloom of the weather. Without the signature of her two-timing spouse on their final divorce papers, Jill can’t move on. Frank, her archaeologist husband, is on another dig — this time in Peru. Likely he’s “uncovering” more than ancient Moche pots.

The fax machine interrupts her reverie and Jill is startled to read a notice from the dig’s team leader informing her of Frank’s prolonged absence from the site. Artifacts have also gone missing. Is Frank a thief? Has he been kidnapped? Or is he just lying low with his latest curvaceous conquest?

Jill wants answers. Believing her fluency in Spanish could be of help to the police, she makes arrangements to fly to Lima. What she’s not prepared for is Dex Conroy, the handsome ceramics specialist sent to retrieve her at the airport and assist in the search. Dex brings to the surface a lust in Jill she’d thought buried long ago; but her husband must be found, and her emotions kept in check. Someone, however, does not want Frank discovered; and when Jill’s life is threatened and Dex rushes to her aid, her feelings for him can no longer be denied.

This book of provocative prose won’t disappoint, and it just might have you unearthing that filmy negligee abandoned at the bottom of your pajama drawer. — Bonnie Papenfuss, Green Valley News