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I’m writing some naughtier romances. For those looking for romantic suspense, check out PERIL, PASSION, PERU and TAKING THE TUMBLE. For those wanting something a little hotter, a little wilder, check out my writing as Vee Bentley.


From the Wild Rose Press:  Sex, Love, & the Spacetime Pinch

Ensign Lara Stone’s deepest desire is to become a member of the Naval Aerospace Command’s first space expedition to find a planet similar to Earth. What she wishes for lands her and the two male crew members on a fantastic new world. Alien plant life and air filled with human pheromones heighten the urge for sex, introducing Lara, Captain Tenn, and Lieutenant Gordon to pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies.

But unforeseen dangers lurk beyond the dark cliffs that guard their ethereal landing zone, and upon a return trip, the three must work together, along with additional crew members, to protect the tempting alien species. With erotic episodes occurring every time the planet’s comet passes over, however, concentrating on danger becomes quite a challenge.

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Now In Audio

It’s been great fun getting Sex, Love, & the Spacetime Pinch out in an audio version. Listening to books has become a favorite activity. I began on a long cross-country drive and found it eased the boredom…and was delighted to learn my leg no longer cramped after a long stretch on the pedal! I took up listening next when I walked my daily exercise. Suddenly, rather than having to drag myself from the computer, I was eager to get out and discover what happened next in the story. I also found listening to old favorites in their audio versions wonderfully relaxing for unwinding at bedtime.

Hearing one of my own creations read aloud by another person is a strange experience, both anxious and pleasurable. All at once I began “seeing” my book from a reader’s eyes.  The perception is an eye-opener. I’m anticipating the pleasure of listening to one of my romantic suspense novels the next time.



What if the future did not have to be dystopian? What if, instead, men and women moved toward a utopia of closeness, understanding, empathy on physical, intellectual, and spiritual levels? What if, instead of the ephemeral victory of conquest, males and females strove for bliss, for mutual pleasure, for happiness that sprang from a sense of belonging? What if allowing love in led to a more productive world of learning, of seeking the riddles of the universe not through superstition but through intelligence? What if anger, fear, insecurity, and guilt were traded in for confidence, sexual satisfaction, invigorated minds and hearts eager to pursue the twin goals of enjoyment and enlightenment?

Nacre was named for the luminescence within a pearl. What if the planet were real???”


Choosing New Words

It was fun updating the language in SEX, LOVE & THE SACETIME PINCH for exclamations, swear words, etc., that would fit into a futuristic romance. In place of OMG I have Stars in Space! There’s also Great Galaxy! Holy Quasars! Space forbid! Hot pulsars! The heroine is teased with “Nanopunk” and later says, “What a white dwarf I’ve been (for doubting you) while a teenage character breaking rules declares, “I’m gonna be blackholed for this.”

Anyone have some good ideas for next time? Nothing nasty—this world is Utopian, not Dytopian. Love is in the air.

Why did I write my latest book?

Why did I write my latest book, SEX, LOVE, & THE SPACETIME PINCH? If I let you in on my original title, “Hug a Tree,” it might give you a clue. When that phrase was first bandied about, it stuck in my mind. One of the concerns high on my list is protecting our environment, and I was pleased to find places where I could inveigle that idea into my story

Also cooking on a back burner was a comment made by a psychologist friend. He believed that the majority of ills leading to aggression and wars came about through sexual guilt. I pondered that notion for some time and one night, when I couldn’t fall asleep and passed the time dreaming up plots, the two ideas came together. What if a fantastic planet existed where sex in all its various forms, and as thrilling as sex can be, was available for everyone, totally without guilt?

And what if this “paradise” was threatened?

One more important element: I wanted romance––and a happy ending. All the major plot points danced in my head as I dreamed up a feisty heroine, an alpha male handsome hero, and a trip to outer space (loved adding a smidgen of science fiction, with its allure of danger and wild imagination). One love story didn’t seem enough; I needed different personalities reacting to my guilt-free-sex planet, so three other couples were added in lesser roles.

There you have it. Utopian erotica. A brand new settlement and a brand new lifestyle. And did I mention robots? Every good story has some comic relief (ask Shakespeare).

I hope you’ll have as much titillating fun reading SEX, LOVE, & THE SPACETIME PINCH as I had writing it.


–– Vee Bentley

Meet The Authors


I took part in the Meet the Local Authors event at the Joyner-Green Valley Library Jan. 13, only days after a car crashed into the building and knocked out the large meeting room. No one was hurt, and some hardy souls showed up to enjoy the library’s resources. Here’s my picture in front of my table, displaying TAKING THE TUMBLE and PERIL, PASSION, PERU.