I love to travel—have visited all 50 states and 21 countries to collect super memories and great backgrounds for my stories. Favorite pursuits are reading, including long walks listening to audio books, writing (from a play about fairies and brownies in second grade through all my life—stories, novels, plays, poems and limericks), and gourmet cooking when I can find time (I’ve an herb garden with rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, and parsley). I’m married to an artist, have a photographer son, and now live in the Southwest. I’ve been a newspaper editor, a college professor, taught journalism and sci-fi, but love writing romantic suspense best of all.


My first published novel, TAKING THE TUMBLE, is about a divorced career woman who finds love again. As long as I’m showing you a picture of how I look now, I thought it fitting to show you how I looked at the time of my second marriage. This photo was used to illustrate “Here Comes the Bride,” the month I won the contest in True Love magazine. (Yes, that’s my husband feeling good about his one-man art show in the background.)


And to round out the picture, this is how I looked at the time of my first marriage.


Marriage One didn’t quite pass the test,
So the writer moved out to the West.
Her true love she found
The second time round,
As all of you readers have guessed! 😉


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