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Pursuit & passion, bullets & blowguns, arousing art & sublime satisfaction—welcome to Peru.

When her husband walks out leaving their final divorce papers unsigned, bilingual editor Jill Flanders hops on a plane to Peru to find him. She’s waited a long time to be rid of the lying coward and refuses to lose her chance at a fulfilling life.

In Peru, she meets Dex Conroy, a ceramics specialist hot on her ex-husband’s trail after precious artifacts go missing. Jill is disturbed by her instant attraction to Dex. Nevertheless, she joins him in search of the missing man and vanished treasure.

As the hunt heats up, the hesitant relationship between Jill and Dex blossoms. Can the newly awakened lovers find what their hearts seek while accidents accrue and poisoned blowgun darts start flying?

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There are lots of ways to fall—some dangerous, some delightful…

After a painful divorce, Cyn Westland returns to grad school hoping for a fresh start. When her communications professor requires the class to choose new identities for the semester, it seems like the perfect chance to bury her past—especially when the sexy student known as Merlin grabs her attention.

Publisher Mac Price is taking the experimental class to pursue his dreams of writing a graphic novel—but it’s the girl known as Cleopatra who makes higher education worthwhile. Somehow, keeping their real names secret adds a thrill to the time they spend together outside of class.

As their relationship develops, another classmate watches jealously. When Cyn receives anonymous threats, Mac’s first instinct is protective, but Cyn’s finished dealing with dominating men. The dirty tricks turn scary. Love takes a setback. Then Cyn comes face-to-face with her stalker…

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Taking The Tumble

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